17.03.2011 - 11:25

First volunteers

Conor and Lexie
Conor and Lexie
The first volunteers of this year have already arrived. They are Conor Handley and Alexia Siebuhr from California. They came to Westfjords last weekend and have already experienced their first Icelandic winter storm. Borea Adventures got them some activities, for example they went to Simbahöllin in Þingeyri and horseriding in Dyrafjordur. Now they have placed themselves in Heydalur, just like the hunters do, waiting for the foxes to show up. We hope they will see Frosti and Flame, but every fox would do since photographers are arriving soon, aiming for good winter photos of arctic foxes.

We wish Conor and Lexie all the best and hope everything works out as planned.

More about volunteering plans of 2011 on a special page here