19.01.2010 - 18:05

First in Iceland

In 2001 Yvon Chouinard the founder and owner of Patagonia and Craig Matthews the owner of Blue Ribbon Flies started an organization they called "1% for the Planet". This is an alliance of businesses pledging to donate at least 1% of sales towards active efforts to protect and restore our natural environment. Both of these companies had actively supported grassroot environmental organizations and they shared their personal belief that a healthy natural world is essential for humankind´s survival.

"1% for the Planet" exists to build and support an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet and the way it works is that each member company contributes 1 percent of its annual sales as donations to non-profit environmental organizations. Members choose from a list of groups approved by and registered with "1% for the Planet".

Today there are around 1200 members of this exclusive alliance and 2000 non-profit environmental groups listed and to date the alliance has initiated over $42 million in environmental giving.

We are very proud and happy to be able to announce that Borea Adventures has been accepted as member and The Arctic Fox Center has been approved as a non-profit group. These are the first Icelandic participants. We believe that membership in "1% for the Planet" is a clear indicator of our sincere commitment to sustainability.


more info: 1% for the planet

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