05.06.2009 - 08:26

First course for sustainable wildlife tourism

Our first course in sustainable wildlife tourism, with regard to the arctic fox, was held on wednesday the 3rd of June.

At the course the arctic fox was introduced as a resource in sustainable wildlife tourism in Iceland. The course was three lesson hours where the first was an introduction of the status of the species, biology, distribution, adaption to arctic live, food habits, colour morphs, social system etc.. Lesion two covered locations and clues of the arctic foxes´ whereabouts, where to find them and when, what types of foxes we should focus on and who should be left undisturbed. The third lesion addressed current law and regulations about conservation and especially protected areas.

The participants got a certificate to confirm that they have attended the course and that they now have more knowledge on conservatiion, animal welfare and how to show wild animals in natural surroundings in a sustainable way.