19.03.2014 - 10:35

Filming on Hornstrandir

Location Filming on Hornstrandir

Ester left on Friday last week to the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve with an Icelandic film-maker Guðbergur Davíðsson to assist him on his latest film project, with filming taking place for 1 week.

Below is a brief description of his project and story ideas paraphrased from his website. For more information in Icelandic goto this link



The Story

Spring arrives slowely. The rivers swell with snow melt, birds begin to nest, trout play in the streams and the Arctic fox is down in its den with its pups.
The pups , blind and defensless at first grow, 3 boys and 2 girls, they leave the den, and for the first time look at the amazing landscape in which they live. Everything is new and fun for them, and life seems joyous and worry free, but trials and dangours are awaiting them when the autumn comes and they leave the protection of their parents and prepare for their first winter.

Rikki, who was the biggest and strongest of the pups never goes far from his parents, and finding a mate and an abandoned den starts his wn family in the coming spring.

Frikki was the next largest of the pups, but he struggles to find a mate or den and wnders aimlesly and freely during the winter. Come spring he stumbles upon a nesting colony of Eider ducks, a favourite food of the foxes and spends two days feeding with abandonment, unware of the farmer with him in his sights. His eyes close and his breath stops next to the nest of an Eider, whos eggs will hatch and whos chicks will make it to the sea.
The smallest pup Sakki was always on the edges of the family and was the last to get food, but he was clever and cunning and took his oppertunities where he could. When his father would leave to hunt, Sakki would wait out of the den and greet his father on his return, ensuring he got first bite of the hunt. He was also a curious soul and was drawn to the humans who lived often close to the den. They would leave food out for him and he grew big and strong from their gifts. But when winter comes and the humans moved away Sakki was left alone. Unable to hunt and without finding a mate the winter proved too hard for him.

Stína was a wonderfull sweet, playfull and bold pup who quickly found a mate after leaving the home. Unable to find a den close by, the couple travel far and eventually find a den and Stína gives birth to pups in the spring. Her luck soon changes as her mate fails to return from a hunting trip and she is forced to fend fr herself, raising the pups alone. Not long after the loss of her mate another male fox enters her life, but she is not interested in his every more agressive advances. Backing her pups into the den she prepares to fight. The male backs down and leaves and Stína enters the den to calm down and be with her pups. Life carries on, but one day, while she is off hunting the male returns. Entering the den h drags each pup, one at a time out into the open and kills them. He wants Sína for himself, but will not assist in the raising of anothers pups. Now he and Stína can focus on being big and healthy for the coming winter, the the spring when she will father his offspring.

The fith pup, Bína, just like Rikki never went far from the den. She finds herself a mate and they find a den ina  secure place closeby to her family. Her parents dont mind her being so close, as now she has a mate she is independant and asks nothing of her parents.