29.08.2014 - 14:19

Fabulous Summer at the Arctic Fox Centre

This summer has flown by in a whirlwind of the smiling faces of our happy guests, friendships forged with our wonderful volunteers and ofcoarse the ever fury, fuzzy and fabulous Freddy our one and only orphaned fox pup this summer, and we could not be happier with the way it has gone!

This last weekend we also had the annual Blueberry Days Festival which is held here in Súðavík to entertain us, with live music played Friday and Saturday nights and plenty happening during the days! We all had a great time, especially with the Bluberry Pie Eating Contest which is held on our patio every year. This year the final came down to 18 people young and old who devoured their pies in record time infront of a large spectating group. A good way to guage the success of the festival is how many turn up for the blueberry brunch we serve up on the Sunday morning (or more precisly the time they turn up!) and this years showing was the largest (and latest) to date, so thats a big thumbs up from all here!

But now alas the summer drawing to an end, and as of Monday Sept. 1st we will be reducing our opening hours to 10:00-17:00, still every day of the week and still offering up our famous vegtable soup and rhubarb pie, and keep an eye out for some specail events in store too!

We leave you with a select few photos from our summer!


The Foxes of Súðavík

Great coffee always on offer

Freddys first fish
Hornstrandir preperations
Fox Centre Birthday Celebrations
blueberry festival fun