01.12.2009 - 11:40

Eyrardalur during advent

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We visited the future house of the Arctic Fox Center today (1. December). There has been some activity lately and we met Magnus, the chief of the rebuilding project and Bjarni, who takes care of the electrical installation. There were also Friðfinnur, who takes care of the heat system, with his colleagues. 
The house is slowly developing into the state were we can take over and start constructing the exhibition. Besides that, we will fit up a small and cosy café on the first floor, decorated by old furniture and crockery to fit the style of this old and historical house. On the top floor (cock loft) we will house an excellent theater monologue and other special events.
We took some photos on the visit, as you see the house is still far from ready but we are optimistic that they will make it ready for us before soon...