05.12.2013 - 13:20

Christmas Time at the Fox Centre

Christmas is here, and so we at the centre are celebrating with a full and fun schedule every Sunday (8th and 15th) up until Christmas!

From 11:30 - 13:00 is kids time! Last week we had kids crafts up in the loft. On the 8th we will have a Christmas movie and pop-corn and on the 15th our lovely Rúna will read to them from her favourite books.

Starting at 13:00 every Sunday we have the coffee house and musuem open with local handwork and art for sale up in the loft.
Last week we had the Christmas Cookie Contest, and the winner, "snow ball cookies" (candy cane and peppermint topped cookies..mmm) will be baked and on sale, along with christmas cake, ginger biscuits (home made of course), chocolate waffles and mould-wine.

15:00 we are having reading from new or favourite books from Westfjords locals, with the local children singing for us in the intervals. 

The house is shining and blinking with its Christmas lights and candles, and the heating is turned up to "cozy", so come on over and join in the Christmas cheer.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas

the foxes of Súðavík!