30.08.2013 - 12:15

Brunch, Flea market etc..

The Arctic Fox Centre is open 9-20 next Saturday 31.8. and Sunday 1.9. !  

pay attention that this is the last weekend we are open until eight o´clock, perfect to sit inside our cosy house in the „good weather“ that is expected for the weekend

we offer: Arctic Fox Exhibition and a documentery film, breakfast and brunch, lunch of the day, coffee, waffles and other home made pastries

On Saturday we will open a new exhibition on the Fox Café´s walls: Reprints of paintings from our village during 1920´s when the Norwegian whaling station was located in Langeyri.

We also have a flea market in the loft where Raggagardur is selling things and new baked „kleinur“ from 14. – 17 on Saturday.

The loft is also open for everyone who want to sell things, old or new, first comes first served !

We welcome new staff member, Stephen Midgley who is always called Midge. He and Jonas Gunnlaugs will be here for you all days with the help of Rúna and Genka who will back them up when needed.

Opening hours in Sepbember is 10-17 all days – welcome

- the fox pack