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At home, after the visit

The book
The book
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We have got positive responses from the almost three thousand people who have visited us since we opened for the first time in June 2010. Furthermore, it looks like our little centre is still in some peoples mind after they come home from their Iceland tour.

One of our new friends is Lillie Calistri-Yeh from New Jersey, USA. She is only 12 but has achieved many things in her life. Lillie is an arctic fox supporter at WWF and travels around with her „teddy arctic fox", Lucky. As soon as she heard about the Arctic Fox Centre, she asked her parents if they could visit it. When they came at the centre last summer, Lillie and Lucky met Frosti and loved him, of course. Now Lillie is writing a book about arctic foxes and dedicates it to Frosti and the Arctic Fox Centre. We are proud of Lillie and find her a great roe-model for others who want to make an effort and let their dreams come true. We look forward to have the book sent - congratulations Lillie.

During the Easter we got a package from Birgit Lattermann and her family in Germany. They came to visit the centre in March and wanted to give us something. They looked out for a literature on arctic foxes in German and found this great old children's book about a little fox: Der kleine Polarfuchs. It is a Russian story by Juri Kowal, translated to German. They sent us the book and now we have a special literature for German speaking visitors at our "library". We are grateful for the gift and it´s nice to know that there are people out there, willing to share.