18.08.2010 - 19:31

Arctic foxes in Reykjavik Grapevine and Lonely Planet

Frosty is happy to get more guests
Frosty is happy to get more guests
Even though August is more than half done and the summer is getting shorter to the other end, people is still visiting the Arctic Fox Center. We have had 1500 guests so far, not to mention all the kids, who of course visit us for free when coming with their parents, and those who come again and again for coffee and fox cake, we don´t count them either.

We have also got some good publicity which we appreciate, thank you guys.

In the newest volume of the journal Reykjavík Grapevine we get quite a good coverage, they say for example:
"The cosy atmosphere, hot coffee and super friendly staff (not to mention all the foxy fox wisdom) makes this a must on any Westfjords road trip"
You can read the full article on the journal´s web page

Lonely Planet just published a brand new edition on Iceland. On page 190 you can read about The Arctic Fox Center, for example this:

"...it is definitely worth stopping by to visit the brand new Arctic Fox Center ..." and many more detailed informations on the center, as well as the family playground Raggagardur, the local diner Amma Habby and the adventure walley Heydalur

We remind you that we still have open all days from 10-22 = welcome !