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Arctic fox summer, concerts and pub roaming

Tatjana´s garden
Tatjana´s garden
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July has been busy at the Arctic Fox Centre - we have finished one week´s monitoring in Hornvik with great volunteers: Edwin, Carla, William, Dotan and Moritz and are soon heading for the next one next week with a new group.

We have been to two daytours with West tours and one 5-day tour with Borea Adventures to see the foxes in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve - running around us, busy feeding young pups who were born late or small this cold spring - but weather has been extremely nice in July, lot´s of food and everything is fine..  next daytour is on Thursday 26.7. with West tours.

Tatjana from Orkney island has done a miracle in our garden, piling up the heavy stones and making a nice flower bed for Icelandic herbs and plants. Aslo a stone bench and seats down by the river, this will last forever and is totally in harmony with our natural surrounding, we want to keep Tatjana.

Moritz has now left us after two months here, helping around as well as working on a nice study on "den geography" where he mapped various den sites in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. Hopefully his study will become a basic for a larger study on the den sites in Westfjords, how they are formed and what structures are useful for foxes in a long term perspective, as permanent den sites...

Westfjords Vikings came for a visit but they had been lifting stones in Raggagardur earlier. Altogether they weighted something over 3 tons but the house is strong and well built ... nice vikings :-)

We have had one beautiful concert on our loft, with Svavar Knútur, melodic sweed guitar and soft voice with great stories behind each song and filling the house of nice tones... more of that later if we can fool him out here again :-)

Next weekend we will offer our visitors a music festival in collaboration with Amma Habby - we will have a concert at 21.00 on Saturday 23th. Eggert and Michelle Nielsen with our friend Skundi Litli, will come and play and then around 23 we will move on to Amma Habby and continoue the concert there, singing into the night ... this will be fun

Our little arctic fox pups, More and Less, are growing fast on the good food from Murr - they love visits ...

See you at the centre...