15.10.2009 - 10:32

Arctic fox on stage

Elfar Logi as
Elfar Logi as "santas lad". Photo: Ágúst Atlason
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We have the honour of housing a theatre on the second floor of The Arctic Fox Centre next summer. There will be, for the first time, a piece on The Arctic Fox as the only native land mammal in Iceland, it´s battle with harsh weather and scarce food during the hostile weather in the most remote corners of Icelandic nature. The story of the war between the foxes and humans who settled in Iceland over 1100 years ago will also play an important role in this story.

We look forward to see the multi-skilled actor, Elfar Logi, perform on the attic of our beautiful old house of Eyrardalur in Sudavik. He has a great experience with such a form of acting and is a key person in the famous Act Alone project in Iceland, see: www.actalone.net