04.03.2013 - 10:15

Arctic Fox Conference

The Arctic Fox Centre will house the 4th International conference on Arctic Fox Biology. This conference has been held every forth year and has never taken place in Iceland before.

The meetings and lectures will take place in Hotel Nupur during October 11. - 13th 2013.

The schedule is traditional but on Sunday, 13th of October, we will have a special memorium in honour of our late mentor, Prof. Pall Hersteinsson (1951-2011). On the former conferences, results from studies on the species in Alaska, Canada, Norway, Svalbard, Russia, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Greenland have been introduced. The status of the arctic foxes in regional and global respect will be in focus. Being a circumpolar species, the arctic fox has been termed to as "the flagship of the north" and gained a special attention in terms of warming climate in the arctic regions. In Iceland, the arctic fox is the only native terrestrial mammal and the species has the status of being the largest mammalian predator on the island. Iceland has neither lemmings nor red foxes and the island is almost devoid of woodlands. Due to the location and the strong status of the Icelandic population, our foxes are valuable in comparative studies. It makes our research even more important to gain more knowledge on the species in global respect.

We welcome scientist with a great knowledge and experience on arctic fox studies and look forward to collaborate with international specialists in the field. Amongst those who are responsible for these studies and the scientific status of the conference are: Prof. Anders Angerbjörn at Stockholm Universty, Dr. Nina Eide at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Dr. Eva Fuglei at the Norwegian Polar Institute, Prof. Rolf A. Ims at the University of Tromsø, Prof. Dominique Berteaux at the University of Québec, Rimouski. We are really excited to participate in the conference, meet our colleagues and hear of all the new studies on the species worldwide.

The conference is an ideal forum for introducing documentary films, arts and crafts with arctic fox as a theme. 

More information about the conference program will be added on the web page soon: http://www.melrakki.is/arctic_fox_conference/