10.03.2014 - 09:43

Arctic Fox Centre goes to Landsýn

Landsýn.no LogoHvanneyri

On Friday Jónas and Ester went to the Landsýn conference in Hvanneyri.

This was the second of what is an annual conference held by Hólar University college, the Agricultural University of Iceland,  the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland, Icelandic Food and Biotec R&D (Matís), Iceland Forestry Service and the Institute of Freshwater Fisheries and was attended by over 150 guests with more then 30 speakers

The conference
was divided to four workshops:
  • - Animal Welfare
  • - Tourism and Wildlife
  • - Reading the Land
  • - Forestry in an Errosion Land
With Ester and Jónas presenting the research and knowledge of the Arctic Fox Centre, "Tourists and Foxes on the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve" in the Tourism and Wildlife workshop

The conference was a great success, with many interesting and important researches effecting the wildlife and nature of Iceland being presented.
The conference was recorded and you are able to watch it on the following link and see all the presentation abstracts here

We would like to thank the organisers for inviting us and for the well organised and smooth running conference!