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An official photographer of the Arctic Fox Centre

Uri Golman
Uri Golman
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The Danish nature photographer and Canon Ambassador, Uri Golman, will soon embark on a new and exciting project in Iceland. The Arctic Fox Centre (AFC) in Iceland and Uri have just signed a contract on a project on the life of arctic foxes where Uri will serve as the centre's official photographer due to his experience in photographing in the arctic and sub arctic regions.

During the time of the project, which will mostly take place in the remote Nature Reserve of Hornstrandir in The Westfjords of Iceland, Uri will spend periods of 2010 and 2011 in the field in the company of arctic foxes in their natural surroundings and in all seasons.

Both Uri and we at the Arctic Fox Centre have no doubt that this will be an exciting and demanding project.
"The arctic fox has always fascinated me and now I have found the opportunity to follow in this exciting species´ footsteps and get to take the photos I have dreamt of for a long time", says Uri.

One of the goals of the collaboration between Uri and The Arctic Fox Centre is to get a new and exciting perspective of the foxes and great photos of various foxes in all seasons and events in their life in the wilderness, and this is a time demanding plan.

Another important aspect is Uri's contribution towards conservation by giving us help in sharing knowledge and information about the importance of the arctic fox as the only native terrestrial mammal in the poor fauna of Iceland, it's role in the ecosystem and how it can become a valuable resource in sustainable wildlife tourism if we handle it in a responsible way.

Officially the project will start in March 2010 when the mating season of the arctic foxes is in a certain summit.

About Uri
Uri Golman is a nature and wildlife photographer, specialized in arctic photography. Canon Denmark has chosen him as the local Canon ambassador due to his work with photography and conservation in the arctic. He is also an associate member of The International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP) and the author of several books on the area. The newest being, Arctic Light - Photographs from Greenland and the Frozen North.
You can read more about Uri and his work on: www.urigolman.com