12.05.2010 - 11:18

A great place to visit !

In Sudavik. Photo: Kristalmynd
In Sudavik. Photo: Kristalmynd
Álftafjörður (Swan fjord), where the little village Súðavík is located, you find various wildlife, both on land and water. The arctic tern colony at Langeyri pond is busy and noisy. They join their breeding grounds with eiders, greylag goose, whooper swans and red throated loons. Where rivers fall into the sea, you can see harlequin ducks and further out, long tailed ducks, sometimes a great northern loon or even a king eider. At and around Arnarneshamar cliff (oldest road tunnel in Iceland) you find numbers of fulmars and cormorants, sometimes accompanied by shags.
In the fjord you see various waders, such as oystercatchers, ringed plovers, golden plovers, purple sandpipers, dunlins, redshanks, snipes, red necked phalarope and whimbrels.
You could even spot a gyrfalcon, merlin or sea eagle along the shore and we have had a few grey herons in the fjord for several months but the species is not a resident bird in Iceland. Seals are common near the shore and look up on bypassers with curious faces, sometimes resting lazily on stones. Late summer and fall, a minke whale or two are a common sight on the sea, even close to land.
- not to mention arctic foxes barking from a distance, up in the mountain hills, down at the beach, you can even hear them from across the fjord, in quiet mornings and nights ...
Late summer is an ideal time for picking blueberries and enjoying calm late summer nights. Vigur, the puffin island is nearby and it takes only a few minutes to get there by a boat from Súðavík.

In Súðavík, we have 12 sea angling boats and accommodation in the "summer village". These tours are organized by the company Isangling and it is fun to watch the fishermen land their catch of the day at the harbor.
The river in the bottom of the fjord is full of fish and you can buy a fishing card at the local store.

We have a great family park, Raggagarður, a voluntarily run project with various toys for kids and adults to play and enjoy. There are grills for barbequing, tables and chairs, even a toilet - all built and run by volunteers and sponsors. In Súðavík camping we have a room for camp-lets, camper-vans and regular tents, a toilet, shower and washing machine. It is also possible to rent a house for the whole family and have a base in Sudavik while visiting all the northern region of Westfjords. You can find links to accommodations on our web page.

The Arctic Fox Centre will open on June 12th and there you can visit an exhibition about the arctic fox, it´s biology and adaptions, about the traditional fox hunting and war between the fox and man for 1100 years and about the mysterious fox hunters of the past.
You can also have a nice cup of coffee or a cold beer at the Arctic Fox Café, write postcards, buy souvenirs, check your email or read online news. We will have old fashioned coffee and new baked cakes from the local housewives as well as various advents.
You can see what´s going on by looking at the calendar on our web page.

If you decide to visit Súðavík this summer, there is no reason to get bored, a lot of things to do and see, besides just relax in this peaceful fjord of swans