16.04.2010 - 16:23

A Conference on Environmental Certification

Photo: Hjalti Stefßnsson
Photo: Hjalti Stefßnsson
The Westfjord association of tourism helds a conference on Environmental Certification for Westfjords, Saturday, April 17th. The conference is held in connection to the head meeting of the association. The conference is held at Hotel Nupur in Dyrafjordur and begins at 11.00. It is open for everyone but all material is in Icelandic, amongst speakers is the Icelandic Minster of Environment, Svandís Svavarsdóttir.
Of course The Arctic Fox Centre takes active part at the conference and we look forward to listen to interesting talks and share interest with other people. We encourage everyone to show up.
The schedule of the conference is found at the association´s web page: www.vestfirskferdamal.is