24.02.2014 - 15:10

2014 so far

Here at the Arctic fox centre we are busy preparing for the upcoming summer which will be here ver soon!

Jónas and Midge went south to Reykjavík to attend the first ever Icelandic "in country" travel show, where they represented the Arctic fox centre to travel and tourism professionals from around the country. It was a very enjoybale and rewarding day attended by a great many people, and lots of new and exciting friends were made as alot of interest was shown in our "one of a kind" centre.

Back at hone in the Westfjords Jónas is also busy planning the forthcoming trip to Hornstrandir with the BBC Nature TV film crew! They will be spending 10 days on Hornstrandir filming the Arctic foxes with the help of fox centre staff as part of a larger project coving the entire island. This is of coarse very exciting for us, even tho unfortunatly Sir David Attenborough will not be coming with the group, although he did send his regards.

We have been receiving a slow but steady stream of guests into the centre these last few weeks, especially from our friends at Heydalur who have been busy with guests on their special and highly reccommended northern lights tours as well as people travelling around our majestoc fjords on their own schedule.

As reported before, the volunteer applications ahve been coming in thick and fast, and although our monitoring trips are fully taken, we stil have space for those looking to help us out in the centre with the fox pups and our museum. If you are interested go to www.melrakki.is/volunteer for more information.

Finally we were very happy to see our #icelandsecret go viral on facebook, with the Inspired by Iceland campaign. If you have not seen our picture you can see, like and share it here