27.10.2009 - 09:01

Conservation of Northern Ecosystems

One of the great projects that include arctic foxes: Conservation of Northern Ecosystems, from the web page of the project:

"Dominique Berteaux, Joël Bêty and their students closely collaborate within the activities of the Canada research chair in conservation of northern ecosystems. Dominique Berteaux is the chair holder and Joël Bêty is the principal investigator for part of the chair activities.

Research activities within the chair aim at better understanding the functioning of northern ecosystems and at obtaining a better knowledge of the impacts of human activities on northern ecosystems.

Another major interest of the chair involves the ecology of wild mammals and birds from northern ecosystems. Mammals and birds play an important ecological role in northern ecosystems, they are good ecological indicators, and they are central to many conservation problems in the North. Our studies cover topics such as populations status, strategies of reproduction and utilization of resources, and migration of arctic nesting birds"