06.01.2012 - 11:36

Pall Hersteinssons fund - established by our friends from Norway

Pall in Hornstrandir 1998. Photo: ERU / NAVE
Pall in Hornstrandir 1998. Photo: ERU / NAVE
As has been reported earlier on our web page, Prof. Pall Hersteinsson, the inventor and guardian of The Arctic Fox Centre, departed at The University Hospital of Iceland on October 13th 2011.

Pall was a respected and efficient scientist, both in Iceland and abroad. His studies on the arctic fox since the early 80´s have resulted in valuable information on the biology and population dynamics of the species in Iceland and worldwide.

In the memory of Pall Hersteinsson, his colleagues from Northern Norway have donated The Arctic Fox Centre a generous amount. We are largely grateful for this donation and proud to keep up Pall´s name by continuing his work on studying the arctic foxes in Iceland.

The amount from the Norwegian scientist group will serve as an establishment of a new fund in the name of Pall Hersteinsson. We will have this fund open so that everyone can donate into it, in the name of our late mentor.  The aim of this fund will be to promote studies on the arctic fox in Iceland and enhance international collaboration in arctic fox research. For those who want their name to be mentioned, please contact us at (melrakki[@]melrakki.is).

With gratifying regards

Ester Rut Unnsteinsdóttir

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