05.05.2009 - 09:21

"shooting foxes" - Filming and photographing

Photo: Frank Drygala
Photo: Frank Drygala
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The Arctic Fox Center proudly assists in all sorts of photographing and filming projects, both in winter and summer.

As people know, the arctic fox is a totally different animal in summer than in winter. While the puffy winter fur makes them look like stuffed teddy bears, almost totally covering the ears, snout and half of the legs - the animal looks like a long-legged slim catlike fox when loosing the winter fur in the spring-summer.

As the arctic foxes have two main colors, white and blue (brown), the variety of their looks, both seasonally and individually is quite large. Some of the blue morph foxes have white hair in the face and even a white spot at the chest and toes - while others have almost no white hair, making them darker, even chocolate brown in mid-summer.
Late winter, when sun is shining a lot, the brownish fur bleaches and the difference from the white morph is not always clear.

At pup stage the different colour morphs is obvious by the bi-colour profile of the white morph, blue pups being semicolour - but both looking a bit grayish and with blue-gray eyes. As the pups grow older, the difference between colour morphs get more striking. At late summer, both look similar to adults in summer fur, almost fully grwon but with more "pup-like" faces.